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Brittany Cosgrove Studio

Little Grumps: Eastern Bluebird, Original Acrylic Painting

Little Grumps: Eastern Bluebird, Original Acrylic Painting

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Medium: Acrylics

Surface: Canvas, unframed with background pattern continuing on sides

Width: 5 inches

Height: 5 inches

Depth: 1.5 inches


I recently painted a little series of grumpy birds - each expressing different little facial expressions. Baby robins, when they fledge their nest, typically still have some baby feathers on different parts of their body. This one in particular has them still just on the top of her head, making her look extra grumpy! This series was painted during the first trimester of my second pregnancy, and definitely depicts some of the emotions I had been feeling at the time. 


Each original painting purchased will come with a signed document proving the authenticity of the work and containing details about the artwork for your reference.

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