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Brittany Cosgrove Studio

Curious Hummingbird, Original Acrylic Painting

Curious Hummingbird, Original Acrylic Painting

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Medium: Acrylics

Surface: Canvas, unframed with painted black edges

Width: 6 inches

Height: 6 inches

Depth: 1 inch


I found myself outside one sunny day this summer, in the backyard, adjusting some of my zinnia flowers that were getting so large they were starting to topple over. Suddenly, I heard a loud buzzing right near my ear. I ducked and quickly turned around, thinking it was probably a large bumblebee. Instead, I looked back to see a curious hummingbird a foot away, staring me right in the face! Probably wondering what I was doing to his favorite flowers. It was such a shocking and awe-inspiring moment, I wanted to capture his expression in paint. This painting is my rendition of that curious hummingbird that visited me that day. 


Each original painting purchased will come with a signed document proving the authenticity of the work and containing details about the artwork for your reference.

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